What if – Andrew Romanoff for US Senate
Monday, Apr 27, 2020

What if

Can you keep a secret? Good, because we’d like to share one.

Nearly every Senate seat in America gets sold to the highest bidder. That’s no secret—you already knew that.

But what if we broke the mold? What if a grassroots campaign like ours connected not with corporate PACs and power-brokers but with millions of actual voters, one at a time?

We’re about to find out. And you can too—by joining us tomorrow at our next Virtual Town Hall.

Just go to andrewromanoff.com/live at 5 pm, Tuesday, April 28 to learn how you can get involved. We’ll share ways to contact other Coloradans and host virtual events.

Can’t wait to get started? Sign up now and join our team.

Ballots go out in just six weeks, so we don’t have much time. We need as many volunteers as possible to counter the corporate cash on the other side.

Our polling shows Andrew will win the Democratic nomination and beat Cory Gardner if and only if voters hear from us. That’s why we’re asking you to join us tomorrow.

There’s one more thing you should know, and it’s no secret at all: Andrew Romanoff will be the best senator money can’t buy.

Pass it on.

Team Romanoff

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