Expand Our Prosperity – Andrew Romanoff for US Senate


Expand Our Prosperity

Building an economy that works for all of us is one of America’s most urgent priorities. We need leaders in Washington who value our jobs—not simply their own.

Corporate profits are rising, but they’re not lifting all boats:

These are problems we can solve. In the Colorado legislature, I fought to reduce unemployment, modernize our aging infrastructure, and train our workforce to compete around the world. I authored an Economic Recovery Plan to lift our state out of a deep recession and helped build the broadest coalition in state history to pass that measure.

But instead of creating conditions conducive to job growth and economic mobility, Congress has become part of the problem. A series of fiscal crises on Capitol Hill has shaken consumer confidence and left employers uncertain about the future. The most recent government shutdown cost our economy $11 billion. 

Here’s a better plan:


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