Defend Our Nation – Andrew Romanoff for US Senate


Defend Our Nation

Our federal government’s most important obligation is to defend our nation and protect us from harm. Our national security demands a fighting force that is well trained and well equipped, a unified intelligence community, and strong relationships with our global allies.

The U.S. Armed Forces are better prepared and better trained than any in the world. Meeting new and growing threats around the world will require not only the resolve of our troops but also sustained commitment and oversight from Congress. We should send servicemembers into harm’s way only as a last resort, only with a clear mission, and only when they receive the resources and support they need to carry out their assignment.

To maintain a modern and nimble military, we need to invest in air, land, sea, space and new technologies. We need to improve the coordination and modernization of our intelligence agencies while also safeguarding the Constitutional rights of those they serve.

International alliances form an equally critical component of our security strategy. While the U.S. cannot shoulder the cost of peacekeeping or humanitarian efforts on our own, we can shape the global agenda. The UN and other international organizations can and should play an important role in stemming strife among failed and fragile states, protecting human rights, and setting fair rules for trade. Strengthening relations with NATO and other allies will also help us counter the risks posed by rogue states and non-state actors.

The world’s democracies share an interest in keeping nuclear weapons and dangerous materials from falling into the wrong hands. We must lead a global effort to prevent tyrants and terrorists from acquiring weapons of any kind—weapons such actors often use against their own people, the United States, and our allies.


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