Combat the Climate Crisis – Andrew Romanoff for US Senate


Combat the Climate Crisis

We face a crisis unlike any in human history. It is a crisis of our own making—and one that poses an enormous threat to life on Earth.

The pollution we produce is raising global temperatures and sea levels; contaminating our air, land, and water; making storms, droughts, heat waves, wildfires, and floods more frequent and more destructive; devastating wildlife habitats and driving species to extinction; forcing millions of people to flee their homes; and producing widespread suffering and death. Solving this crisis is the fundamental test of our time.

We must forge an international alliance to reverse the rise in greenhouse gases and create a carbon-free future. The changes we need to make will not come easily or overnight. But they are essential to prevent the worst effects of climate change, they will save money, and they will create a safer, healthier, more prosperous world.

America can and should lead the way by enacting a Green New Deal. That entails an ambitious set of national goals: cut in half the total greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors, including transportation, industry, and buildings by 2030; replace fracked gas, coal, and other fossil fuels with enough clean energy to meet all of our electricity needs by 2035; and reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

To get from here to there, we need to:

As Colorado has shown, protecting the environment and growing the economy are not at odds. Clean-energy jobs are outpacing those in the fossil fuel industry nationwide. That’s why I signed the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge—a commitment to reject campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry—and I support the bold, 10-year mobilization envisioned by the Green New Deal.

Fifteen years ago, in my first address to the Colorado House as its Democratic leader, I challenged my colleagues to make our state a world leader in “the production and use of clean, efficient and renewable energy.” I endorsed a successful initiative to get 10 percent of Colorado’s electricity from renewable sources and helped double that goal three years later. I fought the Bush Administration’s attempts to weaken environmental standards. I sponsored bills to conserve open space and farmland, promote water conservation, and enhance energy efficiency and recycling.

I also backed measures to:


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