Join us tonight – Andrew Romanoff for US Senate
Tuesday, Apr 28, 2020

Join us tonight

What does “normal” look like?

Half a million families bankrupted by medical bills. Rising rates of suicide and drug addiction. A record gap between rich and poor.

Millions of Americans were struggling and suffering even before the pandemic hit. Going back to normal isn’t good enough.

We need leaders who understand that. That’s why this race is so important.

Join us at 5 pm MDT tonight at to learn what’s at stake—and how to get involved.

Can’t make it tonight? Chip in or volunteer right now.

This election is profoundly personal to me—and not just because I’m on the ballot.

Everything I’ve ever worked on is on the ballot too. Mental illness, racial injustice, domestic violence, homelessness, unemployment, poverty—all problems this pandemic has made more visible and worse.

Will we resolve those problems or simply retreat? We’re running out of time to decide.

Join us tonight.

Andrew Romanoff

Andrew Romanoff

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