Beyond repair – Andrew Romanoff for US Senate
Thursday, Apr 23, 2020

Beyond repair

Americans are getting sick and dying. Doctors and nurses are risking their lives to save them. And “the private health insurance racket is winning big.”

That’s how Wendell Potter describes health care in America today.

Potter, an ex-Cigna vice president turned Medicare for All champion, will join me tomorrow—Friday, April 24— for a Virtual Town Hall. We’ll field your questions, beginning at 12 pm MDT, on Facebook and Twitter @Romanoff2020 and on Zoom.

Whether or not you support a single-payer model—as I do—most Americans agree: the system we have now is one that nobody would ever design from scratch. We spend nearly twice as much as other industrialized countries for health outcomes that are often worse.

In spite of all that spending, more than 72 million Americans have too little insurance or none at all. Here, in the richest nation on earth, half a million families go bankrupt each year—and 35,000 people die—because they can’t afford care.

That was unacceptable before this crisis hit. It’s even more dangerous now, as millions of Americans lose their jobs and the coverage that comes with it.

We can and must chart a new course. Join us tomorrow to discuss how.

Andrew Romanoff

Andrew Romanoff

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